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July 2013 Archives

What's a 'fair' estate plan where children are concerned?

Choosing how to leave your legacy where children are concerned is not always an easy decision for Pennsylvania parents. Deciding what is fair for your children may seem like an easy concept, but it is not always so cut and dry when it comes to estate planning.

Special needs trusts can provide peace of mind for parents

Many people are aware of the importance of making estate plans. Parents or guardians of minor children should make particular efforts to complete estate plans, if for no other reason than to appoint guardians for the children to make sure that the children are cared for.

Adult children living with parents can pose estate planning issue

It is not uncommon for adults to move back in with their parents. In some cases, children move in to become caretakers for aging parents. More Baby Boomers are living longer than previous generations, and their adult children often need to take care of them. In other situations, adult children need to move back in with their parents for financial reasons such as a job loss or divorce. Sometimes, adult children simply never left home. 

Pennsylvania seniors targeted in estate planning scams

Pennsylvania is among the states with the largest percentage of senior citizens. Seniors are often targets of scam artists trying to defraud people. In an effort to offer more protection to some of the most vulnerable members of society, on June 18, 2013 U.S. Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania proposed legislation that would increase the penalties for those who commit investment fraud when the victims are 62 years old or older. 

How will DOMA affect estate planning in Pennsylvania?

On Wednesday, June 26, a major change was made to the laws affecting residents in the United States, including here in Pennsylvania. That change was not the enaction of a law, but one being overturned. According to the Supreme Court of the United States, the Defense of Marriage Act violates the constitution.

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