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September 2013 Archives

Do young people need an estate plan?

Young people who are just striking out on their own have a lot on their minds and many challenges ahead of them. Whether they are heading off to college or starting a first job, independence can be both thrilling and daunting and can present a wide variety of questions that were not a concern in their high school years. However, while money and jobs and where to live can be top of mind for young adults, parents might want to consider having a less expected conversation with their burgeoning adult children about estate planning. 

Keep your estate plans in touch with the digital age

When most people first begin to address their estate plans, they often look at big assets like a home or their retirement account. While these are certainly important things to include in an estate plan, Pennsylvania readers should not forget about smaller matters that also have a big impact. For example, what will happen to your email account after you are gone?

Estate planning matters even for the typical working family

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that estate planning is only for the super-rich who need to dodge taxes and pass along their fortune to their kids. The opposite is actually true, in that estate planning has many more facets than tax avoidance and that even those issues are relevant for more modest families. 

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